Long Time Halo Actor, Corey, Books Days of Our Lives

Long Time Halo Actor, Corey, Books Days of Our Lives

August 13, 2013:  We received the sweetest email today from Corey’s mom, Sharon. Corey is a long time Halo actor and is currently living in Los Angeles shooting for Days of Our Lives and The Young and The Restless. We met Corey in 2007 at our Atlanta office and much has changed for this handsome young man since. But one thing hasn’t changed and that’s his attitude of gratitude. Corey has remained humble, hard working and focused. We truly believe Corey has accomplished much because he never expected someone to hand him success. He has continued to work hard for his successes all the days of his life (LOL). Below is an email from his mom, Sharon:

Dear Stephanie,

So good to hear from you! You really are great at this and I know Corey wouldn’t be where he is without you!! The Halo Agency played a major role in helping launch Corey’s modeling and acting career. Remember when Corey met you at an open call and you hand picked him? You introduced Corey to numerous agents and then he signed with a large modeling agency in New York. He has since booked jobs for New York Fashion Week and spent a month living in Milan, Italy where he modeled for Milan Fashion Week. He now lives in Los Angeles and is currently appearing on Days of Our Lives as well as filming several television pilots for pilot season. Because of the training, guidance and opportunities he received from Halo, Corey is comfortable whether walking the runway or filming on television and movie sets. Thanks Steph (and Halo) for making Corey’s dream a reality!


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