Halo Opens Division for Young Kids Ages 3-6

Halo Opens Division for Young Kids Ages 3-6

September, 2016:

Calling all baby faces, munchkins, stinkers and doodle bugs!

That’s right… we are opening a “little tots” division for kids ages 3-6. With the growing market in Georgia, it’s time to open up a new division of young kids.  Most of our work has been booked by 7-12 year old kids but 2016 has brought more opportunities for print and TV work for the little ones.  And, we want to be ready!  Here’s how you can get involved.

Audition for the Agency:
Open Casting for little tots ages 3-6
Wednesday, September 14, 5:00 PM
Thursday, September 15, 5:00 PM
Location: The Halo Studio on Bull Street
Notes:  Especially looking for local kids within a 100 mile radius of Savannah.  Bring a photo – doesn’t have to be a professional photo but we would love to see any professional pictures if you have them.

Coach with Felecia:
We are starting our Little Tots class Wednesday, September 21 from 4-5 PM. The Little Tots class is for younger kids who are interested in modeling and acting but may not be old enough for our Saturday class and/or may not be able to read.  This class will also include a head shot session held at the Halo Studio with Luke Andrews Photography.

——>The Coach:
Ms. Felecia, the warm, friendly face you see when you walk in to our studio, is the coach for the Little Tots program.  Felecia’s daughter, 13 year old Isabella, has been a Halo kid since she was only 4.  Early on, Isabella excelled in local jobs working print and TV commercials for Explore Georgia, Savannah Fashion Week and Belk. When Kohl’s Department Store came to shoot their summer catalog in Savannah, they used the Halo Agency to hire the child models.  Isabella was one of four kids selected for the entire catalog.  Isabella was also booked as the flower girl in the Belk commercial most recently filmed in Savannah. We have also signed Isabella with agencies in both New York and Atlanta. Because Felecia has a child who has worked extensively in the business, she will be able to offer insight to the parents as well.

——–> The Class
The Little Tots will learn about the following areas of being a child performer:

  • express emotions
  • focus
  • follow directions
  • listening
  • thinking quickly for improvisations
  • speaking to adults on the industry
  • Head Shot session with Luke
  • songs, scripts and acting games to help with memorization

So, it’s time to get registered.  Little Tots with Ms. Felecia starts next week!  Register here:

Felecia, with her beautiful daughter, Isabella.

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