Halo Sends Model to Paris

Halo Sends Model to Paris

October, 2011:  Meet Marshall.  Bible Baptist class of 2010.  Halo model, Savannah native, honorary New Yorker and now a Parisian!  His story is one for the record books.

In February 2010, owner of Halo Models, Stephanie Duke, took Marshall to New York City on “rounds” to meet agencies.  Stephanie scheduled private appointments with ten of the top fashion agencies in NY.

Along with Marshall’s dad, the three of them made their way from agency to agency meeting with Stephanie’s contacts.  Because Stephanie acts as a mother agent, she is able to schedule private appointments for new models with her NY agent buddies.

The trip was bitter-sweet.  The agents liked Marshall’s look, but no one signed him because his body needed to fit a jacket size 41-42.  Marshall was not quite a 40.

It was a tough pill to swallow to come home without a contract.  Perseverance must be Marshall’s middle name.

In August, Marshall decided to take a leap of faith.  He moved to NYC and got a part time job…and…a gym membership.

Fast forward to January 3, 2011.  Stephanie, Marshall’s mother agent, is back in New York City to introduce a new group of models to agents.   Marshall is part of that group.

Can you believe that the same agency that said no to Marshall only eleven months earlier this time LOVED his look?

Seventy-two hours later, Marshall signed a contract with Fusion walked in Merceds-Benz Fashion Week, shot for Ecko Unltd and was the winner of the Perry Ellis Most Wanted Model contest.

Marshall’s career continues to expand.  After a successful year in NYC, Marshall boarded a plane and flew to Paris Monday, October 3, 2011 to begin working with his new agency, Marilyn’s Men.  www.MarilynAgency.com

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