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Stephanie Duke Andrews' HeadshotStephanie Duke is the Founder and Director of Halo Models & Talent Group  and the Producer of the 10 year old Connect NYC models and talent networking expo held in New York City three times a year. She is a former New York model and actress and was represented by Zoli, where she worked for clients such as Seventeen Magazine, Jockey Underwear and Jones New York.  Stephanie began working in the industry when she was only 14 years old and moved to NYC when she was 16.  Now, she is celebrating her 28th year in the fashion and entertainment business.

Prior to opening Halo in 2002, Stephanie was a fashion, print and TV agent and scout throughout the Southeast for Madison Agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. While at Madison Agency, Stephanie was the head of the brand ambassador division along with launching a TV department.  She was also a scout for the prestigious fashion agency Eye for Eye in Milan, Italy.

She has also been a key player in the continued success of Savannah Fashion Week, where she is working on her fifth year as casting director and model coordinator. .  In November 2014, Stephanie acted as the casting director for Belk Bowl TV commercial which employed 65 local models and actors and was filmed on location in Savannah, GA.  In August 2013, she assisted Paramount Pictures Casting with the Spongebob 2 movie being shot in Savannah later that same year. In 2018, Stephanie was the casting director for the production of Huffy Bikes’ TV commercials and Marriott Hotels campaign which employed more than 40 Halo models and actors.  For more casting projects and recent work Stephanie has booked for her talent, view our Recent Work page or read a listing of our clients under the About Us page.

Stephanie, 43, is the daughter of Savannah natives, Phil and Dusty Duke.  She is a preacher’s daughter (and granddaughter) and she knew there was a calling on her life at a very young age.  Since opening Halo, Stephanie has had the opportunity to help hundreds of men, women and children with their self-esteem.  In 2005, she was asked to speak at The Diocese of Fortaleza, Brazil.  Through an interpreter, she was able to share her life story to six hundred Brazilian girls.  Speaking at schools, churches and conferences year round, Stephanie continues to share her life story on being a model, falling short and finding the grace and peace to move on.

More recently, Stephanie created a low-cost, private audition experience in NYC for her aspiring models, actors, singers and dancers called Connect NYC.   The event hosts models and talent from the Southeast with  New York’s top fashion agents, talent agents and casting directors in a networking environment.  After seeing that the Savannah market is saturated with the “traveling”  and “fly by night” model and talent searches with huge price tags, Stephanie distanced herself from these type of conventions and used her NY agency contacts to create the Connect NYC event.  She is not a part of any convention held in Orlando or elsewhere and she is a believer that there are more cost-effective and reasonable ways to break into the top modeling and acting markets in America.  The Halo Agency DOES NOT endorse any cattle call style conventions. As a double major in Theater and Communications, Stephanie enjoys coaching models and actors she hand picks to attend Connect NYC.

Want to see our portfolio?  Watch this fun video featuring all Halo models and talent and the brands we’ve worked with.  National brands like Anthropologie, Belk, Chevrolet, Kohl’s,  Hilton Hotels and Gulfstream – all of these brands shot in Savannah and hired our local talent:

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