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Our mission is to build confidence and self-esteem in each of our models and actors by celebrating and praising their individual uniqueness and talents. We instill the belief that you can be successful in this industry without compromising your morals or values.

We represent kids, teens and adults in the areas of modeling and acting… all ages (no one under the age of 4, please)



We are a full service agency which means we represent kids, teens, young adults to senior adults in the areas of fashion print, commercial print, mature / lifestyle print, high fashion runway, children’s runway, TV commercials, film, industrials/corporate and promotionals. We represent models, spokesmodels and actors ages 4 to100.  To read about the paying jobs we book for our models and actors, please scroll down to the paragraph titled “Our Bookings.”  We also have tips for parents at the end of this page, so keep reading.

First, we would like you to know that our agency does not endorse any “traveling” or “fly by night” model and talent searches that are actually big cattle call conventions with huge price tags.  Unfortunately, there have been some companies who have hosted hotel ballroom “auditions” in Savannah to prey on the hopes and dreams of young people.  Because of that, we have to work extra hard to prove that we are one of the good guys. We do offer coaching and development programs but those are completely optional and these courses are for beginners. Most people who come through our doors have never been on an audition before and they are too shy to stand in front of a small group. Because of that, we encourage them to seek training either through our programs or through another outlet. (Side note: These programs are beneficial to everyone and help with confidence and public speaking.)  We can not and will not send an amateur or a “newbie” to a shoot when we are dealing with paying clients. If $600-$1200 day rates are offered in exchange for a professional model/actor, said talent must perform to those standards. Our agency will then make a commission when our professional models and actors book  a paying job.

Our company intends to be a light in this industry and we aim to be transparent in all of our business practices. We aim to provide an extra outlet of income for models and actors from Savannah and surrounding areas.  Lastly, may we kindly suggest that your child will miss out on opportunities if you never trust anyone.  We hope that uur twelve year history along with our website packed full of the work we have booked for our talent  will speak for itself. Click on the “News” tab above then drop down to “Who Loves Us” to read what parents have to say about us.

FYI:  We do not attend any convention in Orlando or elsewhere.  We  believe that there are more cost-effective and reasonable ways to break into the top modeling and acting markets in America.  Our country is saturated with these traveling conventions so we want to be clear that the Halo Agency DOES NOT endorse any cattle call style convention.  However, we also offer a low-cost, private audition experience in NYC for those talent seeking representation in a larger market. The event was founded five years ago and continues to be produced solely by The Halo Agency.

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We opened Halo in Atlanta in September 2002.   While working in Atlanta, we were hearing the buzz about the revised Entertainment Investment Act.  The then Governor Perdue signed into law a 20% tax credit for motion picture and television production companies choosing to film in Georgia and added another 10% if they would use the Georgia state logo in the rolling credits. There are a ton of model and talent agencies in Atlanta but there were none in Savannah. So, we opened our a second office on Bull Street in downtown Savannah.

We came to Savannah in 2007 remodeled our studio and opened February 2008 just before the new law was passed.  Between the tax incentives and the beauty of our city, we’ve had many movie productions set up camp in our town but we’ve also had a ton of national print campaigns come to Savannah, too.  Since 2012, we have booked Hewlett Packard (in from San Francisco), Kohl’s Department Store (in from Milwaukee), and Macy’s (shot on Sea Isand and in from NYC).  For the Hewlett Packard shoot we employed more than 30 models of all ages at a $600 day rate.  We booked roughly 15 models for Kohl’s and had the privilege to see a 12 year old’s face light up when we gave her a paycheck for more than $1000.  And during the summer of 2013, you could go into any Macy’s store around the country and see our ten year old boy, Kline, in a Macy’s American Icons campaign.   In the first quarter of 2014, we have booked our models for The South Carolina State Tourism Campaign, Synovous Finacial, a national Belk Department Store commercial, a national Jack’s Hamburgers commercial and a national campaign for Sheex(a bedding and sleepwear company). Most everyone hears about the movies being filmed in town but there is a huge market for commercial print, too.  Our agency still works with casting directors from Atlanta so we also submit our models and actors for roles casting out of Atlanta.  From children to teens to adults, we book a lot of print work and tv commercials for both models and actors and it makes us happy to contribute to the economy here in Savannah.

Halo has also been a key player in the continued success of Savannah Fashion Week. Our agency is celebrating the fifth year as casting director and exclusive model coordinator for SFW. .   More recently,   Halo assisted Paramount Pictures Casting with the Spongebob 2 movie being shot in Savannah in October 2013. For more casting projects and recent work we’ve booked for our talent, view our Recent Work page and/or keep scrolling down to read a list of clients we work with.


Halo Talent Group is a full service model and talent agency connecting local models and actors to clients looking for the right face for their productions.  Because Savannah is a destination location, we “piggy back” off of many national clients who come to Savannah to shoot their productions.  We also book jobs with our local and regional clients. There are many opportunities for Savannah models and actors to work locally, regionally or even nationally.  FYI, you must be signed with our agency to be privy to these opportunities.  In order to be considered for the agency, you’ll need to attend an open call session.  Sessions are held weekly for anyone interested in auditioning for Halo.  For dates and times of our open calls, please click on Be Discovered and select Open Call from the drop down menu.

 Some of the clients that have booked our models and actors while hosting productions in the Savannah area:

Belk Footbal Bowl Commercial 2015

Gulfstream 2015

Chevrolet Cruze 2014

Fruit of the Loom 2014

Jerzees 2014

South Carolina Department of Tourism 2014

Belk Department Stores 2014

Jack’s Hamburgers 2014

Savannah Magazine 2014

Sheex Bedding & Sleep Wear 2014

Macy’s American Icons Campaign 2013

Hewlett Packard Summer 2012

Belk Department Stores F/W 2012

The Limited Corporate Fashion Show

Oglethorpe Mall 2012-2013

NBC Universal Studios 2013 2013

Paula Deen 2012

Gabriel Brothers 2013

Rugged Wearhouse 2013

Southern Weddings Magazine 2013

“Exposed” Project Runway Designers’ Reunion Show 2012

Rebecca Gardner Weddings

The Cypress Community at Hilton Head Plantation 2012

Rukus Films, Nashville (Dierks Bentley “5150” music video) 2012

Blue Green Resorts 2012

Enmark Gas Stations 2011-2013

American Living for JC Penny 2011

Oglethorpe Mall 2012

La Perla Lingerie 2010

Bernard Williams Insurance 2010

BJs Wholesale Club 2008

Arrow Clothing 2008

New River Auto Mall, Bluffton, SC 2013

Universal Furniture, N.C., 2013

IBM, Corporate, Atlanta 2013

Tyler Perry Studios


Georgia Bridal Show

Savannah Magazine

Savannah Weddings Magazine

South Magazine

Coastal Isles Magazine

Nu Films

CB2 Magazine


Kiawah Island Promotional


Skirt Magazine

SavannahFashion Week

Fashion’s Night Out

Custard Boutique

Mac Cosmetics


Gaucho Boutique

Red Clover Boutique

S & S Activewear, Chicago, 2013

Byrd HVAC 2013

Palmetto Bluff Spa 2013

NBC Universal for Haunted Mansions 2012

Fogel Serivces, Charleston, SC

Bleu Belle Bridal

Caroline Pride Sausages

Savannah Morning News

James Hogan

Carol Wior Swimwear

Buckhead Hardware

Scuba Diving Magazine

Enmark Gas Stations

Cresent Moon Pictures

TV Pilot Savannah Style

ABC TV Reality Show Great American Beauty

NY Agencies (Fashion and Talent scouts)

L.A. Agencies (Fashion and Talent scouts

Atlanta Agencies (Fashion and Talent scouts)

Miami Agencies (Fashion and Talent scouts)

Chicago Agencies (Fashion and Talent scouts)

Halo Promo Video for Savannah Fashion Week 2013:


Tips for Parents:

Parents play the largest role in the success of their child.  For our market, parents must have realistic expectations of the amount of auditions and opportunities in Savannah.  The market in Savannah does not support full time work for models.  So, parents who are pushy, negative or have unrealistic expectations can make it difficult for the agent and the parent to be a team.

We also encourage parents to not play the comparison game.  Many times parents will compare their child’s abilities and potential to other children who may be booking a lot of jobs.  This is the most destructive and toxic attitude for a parent (or any model or actor for that matter).  Each model and actor will have a different journey.  Why?  Because God didn’t make anyone just alike. Clients know what they want when they send out the breakdowns.  If a client is looking for an African-American 12 year old boy, then that means the Caucasian 10 year old girl does not get to go on that casting.  There is a huge business behind the selection of models for jobs.  Modeling and acting for commercials and print jobs exist because companies have to advertise.  Companies will select modelsspokesmodels and actors (kids or adults) based on what face they feel will resonate most with their target demographic.  It’s all about sales.  It’s not about the model or the actor.  Once the parent and the model/actor are able to set their emotions aside, they can see the business for what it is… business.  The most successful parents, models and actors are the ones who don’t take it personally when they are not selected for the job.

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