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Five Acting Jobs Booked by Models

 If you’ve attended an open call audition or if you’re already signed with The Halo Agency, you know that we encourage EVERYONE to try acting. 

And here’s why:


Belk TV Commercial $1200/day per lead role
Stop N Store TV Commercial: $400/day per lead role
Visit Savannah: $300-$1200/day per lead role
Hotel Indigo: $1200/day per lead role

Every advertiser needs video content for both their website and their social media sites.  Thanks to the growing amount of social media videos and their influence, the days of being “just a model” are over.  Models of all ages are now being asked to shoot video projects which means the most successful models are the ones who are willing to also act. So, if you’re interested in modeling, you’ll have to adapt to this new type of marketplace.

Below are a few projects that Halo Models have booked as lead actors.  We call these roles “principal non-speaking roles” and we hope you’ll be open minded to acting now that you better understand the changing market.



Visit Savannah Website Commercial:

Just released October 2017: 

Starring Halo Models/Actors Shanon and Glen Bell (of The Bell Agency in Atlanta). You may recognize Shanon and Glen from a casting they held at Halo but we represent them as models and actors for the Savannah market.  This shoot was booked, invoiced and paid through Halo Agency.


Hotel Indigo TV Commercial

Released January 2017:

Starring Halo Models/Actors Vy, Megan, Harley, Lauren and Shaunii.  Booked, invoiced and paid through the Halo Agency.



Stop N Stor TV Commercials

Released March 2017:

 Starring Halo Models/Actors Tracey Elder,  Savannah Morris and Logan Sheppard.  Booked, invoiced and paid through the Halo Agency.


Belk Bowl  TV Commercial

Released December 2014:  

Starring 61 Halo models and actors.  Every person in this spot was booked through Halo. We even booked the extras at $200/day.  The adult leads are Luke, Savannah, Caroline, Antoine and Jay.  The child leads are Cate Street and Ethan Murphy.

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Megan Gordon

Megan: 5’9.5 Bust 32 B Waist 24 Hips 35 Book first, digitals and video below.            

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Halo Model Savannah Morris

Savannah Morris: Mother Agency: Halo Agency Savannah 5’9.5 34 B/C 21″ 35″  

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Casting for Stand – Ins on Dataw Island, SC

Breakdown:   Video & Still Shots for a Golf Cart Company Open to the public.  You do not have to be signed with Halo. Shoot Dates: May 16, May 17 and May 18, 2017 Call Time 8 AM – 6 PM Rate: $20/hour Ages: 30-55 males and females any ethnicity Talent must travel to Dataw […]

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Disney Cruise Line Casting Open to Public

Wednesday, March 8, 2017: Open to the public – feel free to share. Disney Cruise Line Casting for REAL families Casting: Mom & Dad, Son & Daughter – kids ages 7-12 ONLY. Caucasian, African-American, Asian and Hispanic Families needed. Shoots: April, 1st – April, 8th in the Caribbean EACH family member must have a passport […]

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Casting for Catalog Shoot in Florida

December 1, 2016: A client from Pennsylvania is coming to Savannah to shoot print for a catalog and is seeking to fill the following positions. Any ethnicity. You must fit the exact requirements. We are only submitting commercial print/fashion models who are signed with the Halo Agency.  So, for the talent on contract with Halo, […]

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Two Audition Opportunities in Atlanta

Atlanta Auditions Tuesday, December 6, 2016 Two Auditions Open to the Public Breakdown is below AUDITION 1: Georgia Bridal Shows/Poshe Productions is looking for kids, teens and adults to participate in the 2017 traveling show. Paid positions for all.  This is not an audition for “newbies” as this is a paid position for working professionals. […]

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Jonathan in New York September 27-28

Jonathan 20 years old 6’2 40R 30X32    

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Halo Opens Division for Young Kids Ages 3-6

September, 2016: Calling all baby faces, munchkins, stinkers and doodle bugs! That’s right… we are opening a “little tots” division for kids ages 3-6. With the growing market in Georgia, it’s time to open up a new division of young kids.  Most of our work has been booked by 7-12 year old kids but 2016 […]

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Casting For Improv Character

Good at improvisation? Looking for a Caucasian male ages 40-60 who is a great improv artist.  A knowledge of golf is a must.  Candidate must be comfortable on camera and in front of large crowds.  Candidate must be confident to stay in character while in interacting with an audience.  Below is an image of the type […]

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