Acting Programs

***There are many different programs for acting.  Please scroll to read about all of the acting courses.  Classes revolve so there is no “start” date.  You can start at any point during the curriculum and continue until you have taken all of the classes.


• Improved Concentration
• Improved Focus
• Improved Reading Comprehension
• Improved Team Work
• Improved Problem Solving Skills
• Improved Verbal and Non-verbal Communication
• Improved Memorization
• Improved Public Speaking Skills
• Improved Confidence and Self-esteem

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Lights Camera Action! Kids Club

Kids ages 6-12,
Kids meet Saturdays 12:00 Noon- 1 PM

 Lights Camera Action! Teen Club

Teens ages 13-17,
Teens meet Saturdays 1:00 -2 PM

Lights Camera Action is our introductory class to the exciting world of acting.  This class is beneficial for beginning actors and actors with only theater experience.  Acting for the camera is a different ballgame when compared to theater performances.  Our course is designed to focus on the three tools of a TV/film actor: voice, body and face.  Actors learn how to slate for the camera while learning how to project confidence with humility.  This class covers everything from public speaking and giving a firm handshake to posture and poise by learning runway techniques and photography movement. This is the perfect class for anyone who struggles with self-esteem. In the world of acting, you’ll need more than just talent. You have to have “people skills” to carry yourself through an audition or casting. We teach our actors that they have to be just as great at “small talk” as they are in front of a camera. Many of our students have been hugely successful in job interviews and college entry interviews because of their coaching at Halo.  This is a six week course that meets Tuesdays or Saturdays.  The curriculum revolves every six weeks, meaning there is no start or end date so you can begin any week you’d like.  A television and camera are used in this class so that students are able to see themselves on camera and receive critiques from each take. Sign up now!  We are expecting our Tuesday and Saturday classes to fill quickly!

Session #1:  TV Commercials.  Delivery, Choices and Tape Critiques

Session #2: Photo Movement for Commercial Print Work

Session #3:The biz of the biz. Audition Strategies, Interview Skills and Proper Etiquette for Jobs

Session #4: Improvisation. Learning to “not think, just speak”

Session #5: Runway.  Posture, Poise and How to Walk in a Room

Session #6: Scenes with a Partner. Learning how to “act” when you’re responding

Costs… $295. $25 discount for payment in full.  OR pay $100 deposit to reserve your spot and the $195 balance is due by class 1.

Lights, Camera, Action! Kids Club


Lights, Camera, Action! Teen Club


The Starving Actor

Ladies and Gents 18+
Thursdays 7:00-8:30 PM, 8 Week course

The Starving Actor course is for those who dream of pursuing an acting career yet find themselves serving food or sitting in a cubical.  We want to help you build the skills you need to book the job!  The Starving Actor is for all skill levels, held in a small group environment.   This course focuses on audition strategies, voice and body control, script reading and script analysis.  This adult acting class covers basic to intermediate levels of on-camera auditions in the areas of group and solo improvisation, TV commercials, cold reads and scenes for film and television.  Classes meet Thursdays at 7:30-8:30 PM for eight sessions.  The Starving Actor class is $295. $25 discount for payment in full.  OR pay $100 deposit to reserve your spot and the $195 balance is due by class 1.


575908_10201319033564652_1278158805_nADVANCED CLASS:  THE “WORKING” ACTOR

Girls and Boys ages 7-17


Mondays 6-7:30 PM, 8 week course

 The “Working” Actor and Model is an advanced class for kids and teens with previous industry experience and is focused heavily on filming and critiques during play back. This is a great class for both models and actors.

This class equips actors and models with audition techniques to improve chances of more callbacks and  more bookings (paying jobs). Emphasis is placed on delving deeper into the audition process, including on-camera auditions for both speaking and non-speaking roles.  Because Savannah is a cross-over market, models are encouraged to act and actors are encouraged to strengthen their photo movement skills.  Our agency books a lot of principal non-speaking roles and a lot of commercial print.  So this course is perfect for a model that needs work in the areas of acting and it’s perfect for an actor that needs work in the areas of shooting commercial print.

MONTH 1: Audition Choices

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2:  Head shots/comp cards and resume choices; wardrobe/styling choices; Do’s and Don’ts of auditioning for paying jobs

Week 3: Rules of Cold Reads auditions and Non-speaking roles auditions; backstories and settings

Week 4: Goals; The Moment After; Conversation strategies

 MONTH 2: Recordings/Filmings

Week 1: The Interview, recorded and critiqued

Week 2: Slates, recorded and critiqued

Week 3: Delivery/Execution, recorded and critiqued

Week 4: Taking Direction; leaving a good impression; the wait

Classes meet Mondays 6:30-8 PM.  Ages 7 – 17, males and females. This class is for students who have already taken Lights Camera Action.  Or, you may audition for this class.  You can read the specific class breakdown by clicking Advanced Class in the dropdown “Courses” tab above.

COSTS…$249. $25 discount for payment in full.  OR pay a $100 deposit to reserve your spot and the $149 balance is due by class 1.



Connect NYC

photo 1 Connect2Twice a year we take a group of our top models and actors to New York City to perform in a private showcase for top agents, managers and casting directors.  Connect NYC is for actors with potential beyond the Savannah market. It’s an opportunity for actors to gain representation in the NY market, which provides more opportunities on a national level for castings and auditions. All Connect NYC participants must pass an audition prior to being invited to the event.  Contact Halo if you or your child wants to audition for Connect NYC.  To learn more about the trip and to watch a video about Connect NYC, please click the link above to visit the Connect NYC website.

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